Henna Tattoos

Henna is an art form that is found throughout history in many cultures.  It is a natural plant-based paste that is applied to the skin, usually the hands and feet for special events. This paste is allowed to dry and falls off leaving a beautiful dark amber/orange stain on the skin.  This stain will last between one to two weeks. The intensity of the color varies depending on skin-type, location, and quality of henna.

The art of henna has turned into wonderful everyday designs and can be applied to any location, not just hands and feet! There is no commitment, it is a temporary tattoo!

Henna is perfect for:

  • Girl’s night in
  • Post Proms
  • After Graduation Parties
  • Sweet 16 celebrations
  • Showers
  • and just ANY DAY!

Host a Henna Party!

Gather up some friends, have a cookout or bottle of wine, and everyone gets a henna tattoo. Email StarGirl@AmazingStarGirl.com to get the best rate for the number of party goers!

Please Note:

  • Amazing Star Girl only uses NATURAL henna. It is the safest and best choice for henna tattoos. She feels it is the ONLY choice for henna work.
  • Henna is recommended for ages 14+ , due to the patience needed to allow the paste to dry without smudging.
  • Henna will leave the darkest stain on hands and feet.  The closer to the heart you apply the paste the lighter the stain will be in the end.
  • Taking good care of your henna will allow the stain to last longer.
    • Allow the paste to remain on the skin as LONG as possible (feel free to sleep with old socks on your feet or hands!)
    • Avoid Chorine for at least 24 hours
    • Before getting your henna stain wet (pool, shower, etc.) apply olive oil to the area to protect it

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